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Final project

Estimated time to read: 4 minutes

Your portfolio should be a hosted webpage and a open repository on github.

You should follow a portfolio structure, to build a website and host it publicly. It should have a nice style, a good communication is the key to execute and analyse your strategy in order to capture insights. You can optionally increment your portfolio via dynamic content such as blogs or whatever you find relevant. Another extra step would be to create a generic cover letter to express your intentions and goals more personally. Note that some game companies still require CVs To boost your visualization, you can promote.

Minimum steps: 1. Have a domain or at least a meaningful github username/organization; 2. Create a github repository; 3. Push your frontend to the repo; 4. Enable github pages; 5. Create a CI/CD to build and deploy to gh pages; 6. Point your domain to gh-pages if you have one;

It is expected to have something to showcase, so it is expected to have at least 3 projects to showcase. It is preferable to showcase something that could be testable(webgl builds) or watchable in a lightweight manner.

If you are willing to showcase your ability in Unity, I recommend you to try GameCI and github pages. If you want to showcase your game engine abilities with C++, I recommend you using CMake, SDL2 and emscripten to build and deploy for github pages.

If you want to start something from scratch you can use this repo to start have a SDL2 project with all libraries already set. It builds and publish a Github page via Github actions automatically, you can check it running here. It features CMake tooling, IMGUI for debug interfaces, SDL2, SDL2_ttf, SDL_image, SDL_mixer,


Here goes a list of portfolios