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Play with chatgpt

In order to train yourself for a game position try some prompts similar to this one.

Act as technical recruiter for a AAA game studio. You are going to interview me by asking me questions relevant for an entry level position as "unreal gameplay developer". Skills required are: Unreal Egine, Data structures, Algorithms, VR and Rendering pipelines. 
You are going to ask me a question when I prompt "ask".
My answer to your question will start with "response".
On each response I give to your question, you will provide me 5 bullets: SCORE: from 0 to 100 points to evaluate if I answered it well or not; EXPLANATION: why you gave me that score; RATIONALE: explain what a typical recruiter is measuring with the question previously asked; ADVISE: to improve for answer to score 100 answer; NEXT: question. 
Do you understand? Dont ask anything now.