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Estimated time to read: 2 minutes

Assessment 1


  • The date the evaluation happened
  • The portfolio evaluated
  • Briefing


What things you judge as good and you are aiming to follow and target. Add images as reference using print-screens uploaded to image hosting services such as imgur or others;


  • What things you judge that needs attention or should be improved?
  • What questions you would ask this person?

Best fit

  • Why you would hire the owner of the portfolio?
  • For what kind of task?
  • What position?
  • How do you see this person interacting with others?

General considerations

  • Just add some final consideration for the portfolio owner;
  • If possible, send a message to one of its communication channels informing your assessment;

Assessment 2

The other student willing to do multiple assessment for the same portfolio, just create an entry in the index following the same structure and same the assessment differently in this case, we put number 2. And use the same structure on the 1.