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Notes on Submissions

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Source: ideogram

Here are my personal opinions, rules and processes that I follow about submissions. I will cover gradings, deadlines, tolerances, and AI-assistant tools usage.

Policy on Limited use of AI-assisted tools


"During our classes, we may use AI writing tools such as ChatGPT in certain specific cases. You will be informed as to when, where, and how these tools are permitted to be used, along with guidance for attribution. Any use outside of these specific cases constitutes a violation of Academic Honesty Policy." Source.

The learner has to produce original content. You can use tools like ChatGPT to help you learn by prompting your own questions, but not to solve the problems, assignments, or quizzes.

The rationale is that the student has to learn the concepts and ideas rather than just copying and pasting the answers.

What is acceptable:

  • On writing, coding assignments, or interactive assignments, you can ask AI questions about concepts, ideas, syntaxes, etc;
  • You can ask AI assistants what is wrong with your code, but you cannot use the answer 1 to 1 copy to your final submission. You have to modify it;
  • If your submission contains part of an AI-assisted tool, you have to cite it. Ex.: "I prompted ____ in ChatGPT, and the answer was ____." and as a professor, I will deduct points from your submission with fairness instead of giving you zero points;

What is not acceptable

  • You cannot copy the question and prompt AI to answer it and then use the answer as your own;
  • You cannot ask AI to code a solution for you;
  • You cannot use any AI while coding(e.g. GitHub Copilot), but I do recommend you to use any IDE instead;
  • You cannot use AI assistance to solve quizzes or exams in any circumstances.
  • Even in accepted cases, using AI assistance and not citing it will be considered plagiarism and will be reported to higher instances and zero-ed;

How do I detect Plagiarism and AI-assisted tools abuse

  • I use some automated tools such as Turnitin(canvas), moss(Beecrowd), and others;
  • I use my own experience to detect plagiarism;
  • If two students use the same AI assistant, chances are high that they will produce the same answer, and I will detect it;

Grading Timings

I usually take up to 1 week to grade assignments, but I will grade them as soon as possible. The worst-case scenario is two weeks.

Late Submissions Policy

If you submit an assignment late, you will receive a flat 20% deduction on your grade.

If you have accommodations, message me, and I will try accommodating you. But always send a message on every submission stating that. Canvas is a nice tool, but it needs to cover accommodations better.

If you fall under special conditions, such as sickness, death of a relative, or any other condition that you cannot submit the assignment on time, please send me a message through Canvas, and I will try to accommodate you.


Plagiarism is a serious offense and will be reported to the higher instances. I will not tolerate any plagiarism as I define:

  • Searching for answers on the internet and copy and paste it as your own;
  • Copying answers from other students;
  • Using AI-assisted tools to produce full answers;
  • Using AI-assisted tools to produce partial answers without citing it;

Welcoming environment

I am here to teach you the best I can and guide you through your learning process. You can count on me as a friend and a teacher, and I will help you as much as possible. I am willing to make exceptions for the ones that need it.