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  • It is a connected graph what have no cycles;
  • Has a single path between any two vertices;
  • A tree with N vertices has N-1 edges;


Traversing a Binary Tree

There are mostly three ways to explore a binary search tree, they generate different outputs:

  • In-order: Left, Root, Right;
  • Pre-order: Root, Left, Right;
  • Post-order: Left, Right, Root;

Binary Search Trees

A binary search tree is a binary tree:

  • Each node has at most two children;
  • The left child is less than the parent;
  • The right child is greater than the parent;
  • The left and right subtrees are also binary search trees;

In a binary search tree, the search complexity is O(log(n)) in a balanced tree. But it can be O(n) if not balanced.

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